Covenant Partners


At the bridge, we are replacing the language of ‘church member’ and inviting people to join by becoming Covenant Partners.


The term ‘member’ suggests privilege and entitlement, such as a member of a team or group.  Membership is associated with paying money in order to receive goods and services.  Church membership has lost its appeal and its sense of responsibility. 


The phrase Covenant Partners is descriptive.


 ‘Covenant’ implies an agreement between God and God’s people.  A covenant is different than a promise in that a covenant is about making a commitment to sustain relationships and stay connected.


’Partner’ implies joining together in a common mission and with shared effort.  ’Partners’ are people who belong to each other and are bound by a shared commitment for a specific mission or purpose.


We belong to each other and connected in doing God’s work to grow the kingdom.


To become a covenant partner at the bridge is to join the bridge by making a commitment to sharing in God's mission for the bridge and sustaining relationships with other covenant partners.