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Small Groups

The mission of the bridge Presbyterian Church is to help people connect with God’s people, passion, and purpose for their life. One of the ways to accomplish this is to become a participant in a small group which is one of our core habits at the bridge.

A small group is a band of people, usually 7 – 12 persons, who gather regularly to discuss a biblical text, share joys and concerns, and pray for one another. The aim is to build and deepen relationships with group members and with God.


The Sermon Based Small Groups (SBSG) meet for a specific length of time (weeks) that coincide with Pastor Doug’s sermon series. There are also social groups, Bible study or topical study groups, ongoing share and care groups and other groups that lead us to minister to others and grow as disciples of Christ.

To learn more and to find out what small groups are offered and the meeting times, please call the church office at 910-769-4951 or email the office at

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