Top Ten Signs The Bridge Presbyterian Church Is Off To A Blessed Beginning

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Top Ten List

Our third Sunday in worship was, flat-out, awesome! We are in ‘soft-launch’ mode until mid-August while we work out the kinks and launch new initiatives. We won’t begin telling the Leland/Belville community about The bridge Presbyterian Church until early July which means our church is growing strictly by word of mouth. That said, here are my Top Ten Signs The bridge is off to a blessed beginning.

10. No glitches in our technology! From sound to lights to big screen TV’s, we use a ton of technology in worship and haven’t had a single screw up!

9. The children’s ministry area is up and running. Under the leadership of Megan Sponseller, suite #108 is being transformed into an awesome place for our children to learn about Jesus Christ.

8. People linger after worship. Each Sunday, people just seem to want to hang out after worship making connections with new friends and deepening connections with old friends

7. Twelve (12) first-time visitors in the past two weeks. Because everyone is a first-time visitor on our first Sunday of worship, we’ve only begun tracking our guests for two weeks.

6. Twenty-six (26) people signed up for the first round of Sermon-Based Small Groups. With more people interested, we are going to need more leaders!

5. Two new mission projects have been launched. We our currently collecting books for Lincoln Elementary School and filling back packs with food for children suffering from food scarcity in north Brunswick Co.

4. At 10:00am, people have to be reminded it’s time to worship. Each Sunday the folks chatting and laughing around our welcome center table (under the palm trees outside our worship center) lose track of time.

3. There is spontaneous applause (and tears) after the band finishes singing. People don’t just want to learn about Jesus in worship. They want to encounter Jesus. Under the leadership of Rev. Wes Hunter, our band makes that happen.

2. Each week we hear stories from people who are connecting with God’s people, passion and purpose for their life. Some stories are spontaneous and others are shared during worship but either way, lives are being transformed.

1. Surely the transforming presence of the Lord is in our midst. The Lord is with us. Our growing core group is with us. If you are not, then come check us out this coming Sunday.


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