This Sunday @ The Bridge Presbyterian Church

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series slide - miracles

This Sunday we will continue in our sermon series: Five Miracles We Can Experience Every Day. The sermon this Sunday:  Healing Desperate Loneliness through… The Power of Slowing Down, will focus on Jesus’ healing of a woman who had been sick and isolated for 12 long years.

Check out the story in Mark 5: 21 – 43. As you reading through the miracle story, ask yourself these questions – which we will chat about on Sunday.

  • What does the word ‘mashed’ mean? How would you use that word in a sentence?
  • The woman in the story had been isolated from society for 12 years. How do you think that isolation might have affected her?
  • What might have motivated this woman to reach her hand out and touch Jesus? How do you think she must have felt when Jesus stopped everything and asked: “Who touched me?”
  • Think of one lonely soul in your life who might find healing from you slowing down enough to spend time with her or him.

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