The Power of Making Your Bed

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In my research on the power of habits, I’ve discovered that certain key habits – once internalized – can have a profound impact on our lives. For example: Did you know that making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity; a greater sense of well being and an increased ability to stick with a budget? 

Who would have guessed that making one’s bed could have such a profound impact on everyday life? But it makes sense. If people begin their day by making their bed, they will experience what researchers call a ‘small win.’ Feeling good about the ‘small win’ of making the bed in the morning will have a positive ripple effect on other tasks during the day. Thus, certain ‘key’ habits have the power to positively impact us.

Last week I asked the people in our emerging church (as well as those reading this blog) if they would commit to a 30 day experiment. The experiment was to simply pray the prayer associated with the prayer card pictured in this blog post. My hope is to develop a habit of praying for The Bridge that will, in turn, positively impact the lives of those who pray the prayer.

Thanks to all of you who have agreed to pray the prayer. Two quick words: First – if you haven’t agreed to the experiment, you are welcome to begin the 30 day prayer right now. Just let me know that you are going to start the experiment. Second – if you have skipped a day or two don’t worry. Just continue for 30 days.

Finally, let me know your reflections from our experiment. Thanks and God bless.



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