New Sermon Series: Jonah: Discovering God’s Impossible Mission

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New Six-Week Sermon Series @ the bridge Presbyterian Church

Do you remember the movie Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise? In the movie there is this moment when the leader of the Mission Impossible Team listens to a tape recorded message that explains the team’s mission. Do you remember how the voice on the tape ended the message?

“Your mission Jim, should you accept is…”

For the next six Sundays we will be looking together at the book of Jonah. It’s a wonderful story about how Jonah wrestles and runs from God’s seemingly impossible mission for his life. It may seem impossible to believe, but God has a mission for everyone…including YOU!

Beginning May 11 we will be looking at the story of Jonah and I will invite you to consider: “What is God’s mission for my life?” As you prepare for this series, read the short book of Jonah…it’s only 4 chapters long and won’t take but about 10 minutes! I hope you will join me for this six-week series…and please invite a friend.

Dr. Doug

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