Jimmy Fallon…You’re Making Me Feel Old!

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Last night marked the start of a new era in American late-night TV viewing. Jimmy Fallon became the 5th permanent host of NBC’s The Tonight Show. Quickly, can you list the names of the 4 Tonight Show hosts prior to Jimmy Fallon? I’m just old enough to remember Johnny Carson and, of course, Jay Leno. From 1954 – 1957 Steve Allen hosted the talk show. Jack Paar hosted the Tonight Show from 57 – 62. Then came the 30 year reign of Johnny Carson followed by the 17 year gig of Jay Leno. (Of course I’m not counting the 6 months in which Conan OBrien took over for Leno).

It’s hard for me to believe that Jay Leno has been The Tonight Show host for nearly two decades and that Johnny Carson – who I watched growing up (when my parents let me stay up late) has been dead for nearly – has been dead for 9 years. All this talk about The Tonight Show gives me this uncomfortable awareness of the passing of time.

Doesn’t time seem to fly by? I guess this is especially true the older we get…and we are ALL getting older. Whenever I’m unexpected confronted with the reality that I am getting older, I ask myself an important question. I ask: “Am I focusing on the things in life I feel are important or am I wallowing in the things that are urgent?” I guess it’s good to occasionally ask our self: What is important in life? Am I focused on what I think is important? If not, why not?

Chances are that if you are reading this blog, faith in Jesus Christ is important to you. What are you doing to nurture that relationship? Is your relationship with the Lord being smothered by the tyranny of the urgent? If you live in the area of The Bridge Presbyterian Church I invite re-connect with what’s important to you by joining us for our book study of The Tangible Kingdom beginning Wed February 19th – 9:10 am and 6:30 – 7:30pm and or our Bible study of Matthew beginning Feb 20th = 9 – 10am. Both will be at the Bridge Presbyterian Church Offices 503 Waterford Way, second floor.

If you are not able to join us, then I invite you to re-connect with the Lord through a daily time of prayer and meditation. If you’re looking for a new way to connect I encourage you to try this easy way to fit a quite time with the Lord into a busy day. The web site is called Pray As You Go:


Let me know your thoughts and who your favorite Tonight Show host is/was?


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