In Memory of Harold Ramis

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I was sad to read of the passing of director, Harold Ramis, at the age of 69. My life (and many of my guy friends lives) would be very different were it not for Harold Ramis. Among Ramis’ writing and directing credits include such classic movies as Animal House; Stripes; Caddyshack; National Lampoon’s Vacation and Ghostbusters. Chances are that when I’m golfing or at a backyard barbecue with friends, someone is going to quote a line from one of those movies and I’ll laugh. So for the legacy of laughter in my life…thank you Harold Ramis!

Laughter is an under-appreciated gift from God. Laughter is a gift because of the many health benefits laughter brings. For example laughter is said to boosts our immunity system; lower our stress level and prevent heart disease. Laughter strengthens relationships and enhances teamwork. Laughter is good for the soul.

Because this blog is new, I’ve not received a lot of comments from you faithful viewers. Soooooo, let me hear your response this question: What movies, actors or actresses really make you laugh and why? Your turn.


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  1. I would venture to say Harold Ramis helped you connect with teens, too. What else would you and the Dougs have talked about, if not Caddyshack? Wow. Bringing back memories of Youth Group…

    1. Great memories from the First Pres Deerfield youth group! I can’t believe those memories are 24 years old! Thanks for staying connected Hillary. Glad to see your parents are enjoying retirement in Krivitz.

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