Five Thousand Reasons to Give Thanks for The Bridge Presbyterian Church

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Last November I applied for the New & Small Church Grant distributed by the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic. Specifically, the grant I wrote for offered up to $2,500 in grant money. The sad news is that the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic grant reviewers turned down my grant application for $2,500. The great news is that they decided to award The Bridge $5,000 instead!

This is, yet, another tangible sign of how God is blessings our new church. Thanks be to God for this generous gift. More importantly, I give thanks to our Lord for calling me to help launch this new church. I see the tangible hand of God at work all the time. I’m honored, humbled and thrilled to be the Organizing Pastor.

In moments such as these, I reflect on a saying attributed to Hudson Taylor – a missionary sent to China over 100 years ago. Taylor is said to have coined this phrase: “Attempt great things for God. Expect great things from God.”┬áTo all my faithful blog followers; thank you for your ongoing prayers as we attempt great things for God at The Bridge!





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