Presbyterian Coffee Project

Good coffee for a good cause

What dPresby coffee project logo copyoes it mean to create change with your everyday choices? We at the bridge believe that something as simple as the coffee we drink can have a positive effect on our global community and the planet.

We support small-scale farmers all over the world through our purchases of fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate, and cocoa products from Equal Exchange in partnership with the Presbyterian Coffee Project.

Through our fair trade purchases, we help guarantee that farmers will earn the income they need to feed their families, educate their children, improve their communities, and protect the forests, land and water where they farm. Fair trade is a simple solution that means the difference — quite literally — between surviving and not surviving for small-scale coffee farmers.

Our purchases count twice!our purchases count twice

For each pound of fairly traded coffee, chocolate, tea, and foods Presbyterians purchase through the Coffee Project, Equal Exchange donates 15 cents per pound to the PCUSA’s Small Farmer Fund.

All of the coffee we serve at the bridge on Sunday mornings is Equal Exchange fair trade organic coffee.

Bags of this same great coffee are available for purchase on the first Sunday of each month, along with tea, cocoa, and chocolates at other select times during the year. Look for the sales table at the back of the worship center.

Coffee and Chocolate Sales: The first Sunday of every month