Braggin On The Band @ The Bridge Presbyterian Church

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The Bridge Band Rockin The House

What an awesome worship this morning! Today, I suggested that the storm and the big fish that Jonah encountered while running from God was not a punishment. Instead it was God’s loving embrace. I finished the sermon saying:

If there a storm in your life, right now, maybe its Gods loving embrace. So look for God in the storm. In the storms is where God gets our attention…where God shakes us up enough that we quit running and turn back to the Lord. Is the wind building and the thunder rolling for you? Then call upon His name. Does your life feel capsized, right now? Keep your eyes above the waves…Listen for the Lord saying: ‘I am yours and you are mine.’

Then our amazing band sang the song Ocean by Hillsong United…and WOW did they nail that song. Surely the presence of the Lord filled the room during that song. I want to thank Shawnette, Wilson, Ricky, Dave and Rev. Wes for helping us connect with God this morning.

Our worship service should be posted mid-week (Memorial Day tomorrow) and you can check it out.

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