Announcing Sermon-Based Small Groups @ The Bridge Presbyterian

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Sermon Based Small Groups @ The Bridge

Sermon Based Small Groups @ The Bridge

I believe every human has been created with the need to make three transformational connections. We all need to be connected to God; to each other and to some transcending purpose. These three connections form the basis of The Bridge mission statement:

“Our mission is to help people connect with God’s passion for our life; God’s people in our life; God’s purpose for our life.”

I am firmly convinced that most satisfying, most effective way we make these connections is in the context of small group Bible studies. Beginning Sunday May 11th, The Bridge will launch a very specific type of small group ministry called Sermon-Based Small Groups.

Sermon-Based Small Groups (SBSG) is based on the widely successful model founded at North Coast Community Church in San Diego. Sermon-Based Small Groups operate on a simple principal that each week small groups of adults gather in host homes to study, reflect and ‘push-back’ on the sermon preached the previous week. At The Bridge, SGSG’s will look like this:

* Dr. Doug will create and distribute a one page study guide of his upcoming sermon 3 – 4 days prior to preaching the sermon.

* SBSG participants can print and bring the study guide to worship on Sunday.

* During the week immediately following the sermon, participants gather in host homes and, using the SBSG study guide, dig deeper into the Scripture passages used in the previous week’s sermon.

* The questions in the SBSG will emphasize applying God’s Word to your life in real time.

* Each 6 – 8 week SBSG will allow time for fellowship (Connecting with God’s people in our life); Bible study and prayer (Connecting with God’s passion for our life); and participation with the entire small group in a local mission or service project (Connecting with God’s purpose in our life).

The reason The Bridge has chosen the SBSG model is simple:

– SBSG’s are super easy to prepare for. All you have to do is listen to the sermon and, maybe, take a few notes. (If you can’t make it to worship, you can read/listen to the sermon online).

– SBSG’s increase worship participation.

– SBSG’s focus on apply God’s Word to daily living. Those who participate in SBSG’s grow in their faith by doing life together for 6 – 8 week periods.

– SBSG’s help people in new churches make stronger connections to God and each other.

Our SBSG’s begin the week of May 11th. They will focus on Dr. Doug’s 6 week series – Jonah: Discovering God’s Impossible Mission for Your Life.

Please begin signing up for SBSG’s by emailing me at

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