Four Days till Worship @ The Bridge Presbyterian Church: What to Expect!

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In four days The Bridge Presbyterian Church will begin worship at 497 Olde Waterford Way Suite; #105! The pictures below show our worship center nearing completion. We are calling this Sunday our ‘soft-worship-launch’. Wanna know more about a ‘soft-worship-launch?

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What Is A ‘Soft’ Opening Worship Service?

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “Grand Opening!” Retail stores, restaurants, sub-divisions all have “Grand Openings,” designed to create a buzz about their business. Many times the “Grand Opening” is preceded by a ‘Soft Opening” weeks or even months prior to the “Grand Opening.” While the “Grand Opening” is an attempt to draw a large crowd, create positive impressions and grow business, a “Soft Opening” is quite different.

For the “Soft Opening,” a particular store is actually open but it’s not being advertised. A Soft Opening” is designed to give the owners and personnel a chance to ‘work out the kinks,’ discover unanticipated challenges and fix any problems prior to the grand opening.

On Sunday May 4th @ 10:00am The Bridge Presbyterian Church will gather for its “Soft Opening” worship service. We are calling this a “Soft Opening” to worship because Wes, Dr. Doug, the worship band and all those volunteers making coffee and welcoming guests have NEVER done worship, together! While we are striving for excellence in all that we do in worship, we realize there will be some kinks to work out and some problems to fix.

We plan on using the months of May, June and July to learn how to worship together and solve the unanticipated challenges that will emerge. Then, in early August we will begin creating a buzz in the Leland, Belville area leading up to the launch of our worship service on August 17th.

Between May 4th and August 17th here’s what you can expect:

–        Expect to encounter the risen Christ in worship.

–        Expect to be inspired by outstanding music.

–        Expect thought-provoking, scripturally relevant sermons.

–        Expect to be genuinely welcomed.

–        Expect things to be a little messy from time to time.

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